EU Legislation

The European Mining Industry is committed to continuously improve its health and safety record and in many cases goes beyond legal compliance in the management and measures taken. The collection of the European OSH legislation aims to provide the minimum requirements for OSH for extractive activities…

National legislation on Occupational Health & Safety

European Directives set out minimum requirements and fundamental principles, such as the principle of prevention and risk assessment, as well as the responsibilities of employers and employees. European directives are legally binding and have to be transposed into national laws by Member States.

Useful material

In this subsection of the website you will find the guidelines, national guidances, animated documents and links to interesting initiatives in the field of Occupational Health and Safety…

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European directives set out the minimum standards for safety and health in the workplace. The EU directives are implemented through the national legislation of Member States. In this section you will find the information about the OSH legislation for extractive industries in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Spain.