Training material

The training material is developed to provides to workers and contractor of the extractive sector with basic knowledge and skills on how to protect themselves and the people they work with in their daily activities, ways on how to communicate and cooperate in health and safety issues in the workplace aiming to keep all the employees of the sector healthy and safe at their work.

The material is prepared in short presentations that cover the most common hazards and risks that are present across the extractive sector and is organized in the following thematic sections:

This material may be used as stand-alone material or following the results of the self-assessment tool. An employee of the extractive sector is called to respond to questions for the key health & safety parameters to identify the necessary skills and the level of knowledge he needs to effectively manage occupational risks in his workplace. Based on the score they achieve per question; the self-assessment tool will propose to review the relative training material that is linked with each section. The overall score of their performance will be used to illustrate their individual improvement after the training.

This material intents to inform and does not replace the training and consultation an employee should receive for their workplace.